Rate Card

     Michael J. Fox Theatre Rental Rates

**All charges subject to current tax rates in effect 

Block rate (8 hour) includes technical supervision, Front of House supervision and ushers, and custodial services.  Please see website for more details.

For Performances: Charged per 8 hour block of time



Monday-Thursday – Days



Monday-Thursday – Evenings






Statutory Holidays



Additional Staffing for extra performance

    $ 510.00


     $  510.00


Additional Time with confirmed booking: Charged per hour or portion

Pre-show setup with single technician



Post-show restoration with single technician



Show call overtime with all staff



Patron Surcharge –

A patron surcharge of $1.25 + tax per occupied seat will be applied for each ticketed event.  This amount is payable in advance.  A “flat rate” patron surcharge of $300.00 + tax will apply for non-ticketed events.  Any difference between the total prepaid patron surcharge and the actual attendance at the Engagement shall be calculated and either charged or refunded to the Licensee after the Engagement.                                   

Insurance –

The rate for the minimum amount of liability and property damage insurance required in most cases is $100.00 per event.  Insurance for rehearsals (no audience) is $25.00 and up.  Please be sure to discuss your needs when you book your event. You may choose to use your own insurance broker, in which case you must provide proof of coverage upon signing of your agreement for your event.

Additional Personnel when required: – 4 hour minimum

Technical – Supervisory



Stage hand – general



Stage hand – specialist (sound engineer, lighting technician, etc)



Rehearsals – no audience: - 4 hour minimum

Bare stage – work lighting only, includes one technician and custodial support.



Full rehearsal – full lighting and audio equipment, includes Technical Supervisor and custodial support.



Grand Piano – Yamaha 7 foot Conservatory                                                                                               $200.00/event

LCD Projector - Eiki LC-WXL200                                                                                                                 $100.00/event



Summer Discounts-

We are pleased to offer you an excellent opportunity to book the theatre at reduced rates during the summer season. Book an available Monday through Thursday during July or August - day or evening – and receive 25% off your basic rental rate and patron surcharge fee.

You could save over $500 per event!

This is a wonderful opportunity to make use of the venue for a unique summer event. Here are some of the many ways you could utilize the Michael J. Fox Theatre:

     Theatrical workshops

     Motivational speakers

     Recording sessions

     Educational seminars

     Extended rehearsals

     Movie nights

And don't forget that your rental of the theatre includes use of the lobby, the Gallery and the enclosed courtyard. Customize! – contact our in-house expert to tailor your event to become a memorable experience.

Maria Longridge
Tel: 604-664-8875 Fax: 604-296-6883
Email: info@michaeljfoxtheatre.ca

All rates subject to applicable tax

Rates card effective January 1, 2017

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