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上海之夜  小鄧麗君  演唱會

presented by

Vancouver Seniors Singing Association

May 19th, 2017 at 7PM



懷念的旋律 2017 Annual Concert

presented by

溫馨合唱團  VanSing Choir

May 20th, 2017 at 7:30PM

【溫哥華訊】溫馨合唱團20周年音樂會將於520日(星期六)晚上7:30,在本拿比Michael J. Fox 劇院舉行,將由李璟和朱方明老師指揮混聲合唱多首不同風格的歌曲,包括﹕閃亮的日子、望月、漁陽鼙鼓動地來、郵遞馬車、小杜鵑、在銀色月光下。同時客邀愛城臺灣大專院校合唱團的許平宗老師,指揮兩團聯袂演唱拉德斯基進行曲﹑歌聲與微笑等中外名曲。



孫昌老師一直要求團員們演唱的每一首歌,都要把感情放進去,融入詞曲所表達的意境,feeling, feeling, feeling, 其次才是音準和節拍。月亮代表你的心,也代表了我們的心。購票請聯系:譚美玲 604-220-0838 黃肇芬 604-204-0721



Cultural Programme

presented by

Gujarati Hindu Senior Society

May 21st, 2017 at 3PM



United Through Dance

presented by

Burnaby Parks and Rec

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017 at 6:30PM



Fostering Excellence - Building Community

The phrase "Fostering Excellence - Building Community" has been the focus for the Michael J Fox Theatre Board of Directors since 1993.  It simply and gently guides both governance and operation of this remarkable performance venue.  By providing high quality technical and guest services, we lay the foundation for those on stage to give their best performances - and by being flexible and accommodating to clients wishing to create rich cultural experiences, we help build their communities to the benefit of all.

Check the upcoming events section often - we look forward to seeing you in the Theatre!